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August Workshop Week 2017
  with Esh Coaching Staff

Date: Mon, Aug. 14, 2017
Through Fri, Aug. 18, 2017
Time: 6:00pm - 9:15pm
Price: varies by workshop
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Join the fun at Esh's first annual August Workshop Week! During the break between our summer and fall class sessions, we're offering a full week of evening workshops - it's an after-work circus summer camp for grown-ups!

Esh coaches and visiting instructors will present workshops in a wide range of topics and for every skill level. Click here to view the full week schedule!

Comedy & Clowning for Act Creation
  with Wendy Kinal

Date: Sat, Sep. 09, 2017
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Price: $65.00
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This 3-hour workshop will focus on ways of combining clowning and physical comedy with act creation across various circus disciplines. It is not a technique class in the various disciplines, but rather a comedy technique class. Participants are expected to have basic skills in their discipline, and be interested in creating an act, or have an act-in-progress. The workshop will begin with comedic and theatrical warm-ups and exercises, working solo and in groups. Participants will then have time to apply what they have learned and explore ways of adding comedy to their discipline/on their apparatus.

It is important to build theatrical skill as a circus performer. Beyond your technical skill and strength in your discipline, a performer also needs techniques for connecting with an audience. This workshop delves specifically into comedy to assist with the creation of comic (or just plain weird?) circus acts. There is a lot of skill involved in making sure you execute your technical act precisely and safely, while at the same time mixing elements of clown and comedy into it, especially when pratfalls are involved. Clowning and comedy can give not only your acts, but often a multi-act show more flavor and variety!

Students should have a repertoire of at least 3-5 skills/moves/techniques that they can string together on an apparatus (or on ground) without assistance/spotting (skills that one would feel comfortable and safe doing in an Open Studio type situation).

Double/Multiple Performer Acts are welcome! Each member of the act should register individually.

About the instructor:
Wendy Kinal is a clown, physical theater performer, martial artist, dancer, and circus artist (flying trapeze instructor) dedicated to a love of movement. She has studied clowning with Ricardo Puccetti of the Lume Teatro group in Brazil, Sue Morrison, David "Pipoca" Roe, and more. She spent 4 years as Happy the Sad Clown with the local area Solstice Circus. As Dr. Windy, she has worked with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit at Boston Children's Hospital (now working with the Foundation for Laughter) and Providence Hasbro Children's Hospital since 2014. Wendy holds a Master's Degree in Play: Clowning, Ritual and Transformation from Lesley University. Her performance thesis, Time of Life, explored clown theater, rituals-across-the-lifespan, healing, improvisation, music, and ensemble work. She loves handstands and purple.

"I've had wonderful experiences with the instructors at Esh. Tracy is very attentive and supportive. She's respects her students, gives very useful and effective suggestions, and encourages us to keep trying."
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