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Bridging the Gap to Your Healthy Circus Body
  with Melissa Buffer, MSPT

Date: Sat, Sep. 21, 2019
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Price: $35.00
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Join Melissa Buffer, MSPT, of Buffer Trenouth Physical Therapy, for an interactive workshop exploring the best ways to achieve a healthy circus body, especially if you happen to sit A LOT! Learn about what happens to your body when you're static all day and then hang, tuck, and lift in your circus class all night. Melissa will cover basic anatomy and physiology and how it relates to the unfolding from life to best prepare for your circus class and training.

We will cover:

  • Implications of static posture on the body and the importance of "proper" ergonomics throughout your day
  • The most effective exercises and stretches to "unsit" your body and reduce the likelihood of injury
  • How to maximize efficiency of movement in all aspects of life including walking, running, household activities and other day to day tasks
  • The importance of body maintenance and care OUTSIDE of circus training
  • Pulling Lines for Partner Acrobatics, Level 1
      with Ellen Waylonis

    Date: Sun, Sep. 29, 2019
    Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm
    Price: $85.00
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    The training is aimed at folks who want to learn to pull lines or improve their line pulling for partner acrobatic skills. Level 1 will include training in pulling lines for a variety of skills performed with a standing base including mounts, dismounts, and variations for hand-to-hand, hand-to-foot, and two-highs. We'll discuss considerations for pulling lines if you're on the smaller side, and also look at what makes for good line pulling technique (as opposed to poor technique that hinders skills).

    The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to safely pull lines for a range of partner balances. In order to be permitted to pull lines at Esh, participants must demonstrate competence with the material. If a participant has not mastered the material by the end of the workshop, the instructor will discuss appropriate follow-up training.

    This Level 1 training is a pre-requisite for Level 2 line pulling training, which will cover lines technique for more complex, dynamic skills for partner and group acrobatics.

    Pre-requisites: Participants must be comfortable either basing or flying a two-high (standing on shoulders), and should be familiar with the basic concepts of standing hand-to-hand and hand-to-foot. Participants do not need to be able perform standing hand-to-hand or hand-to-foot skills in order to attend this training.

    "What an excellent space! The instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and always seem excited to be teaching. My partner and I took aerial silks for about a year and loved it. We wouldn't be leaving except we are moving out of state -- this is a space we will truly miss!"
             ~Sierra S., Yelp review
    Esh Circus Arts
    44 Park Street
    Somerville, MA 02143
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