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Aerial Sling Choreo: Dance in the Air! [mini-session]
  with Mandy Hackman

Date: Sun, Jan. 06, 2019
Through Sun, Jan. 20, 2019
Time: 8:30pm - 9:45pm
Price: $95.00
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In this mini-session, we will build a piece of choreography on the sling over three weeks. This session will be structured like a dance class, so we will not just learn a series of tricks, but weave a phrase of movement together with a piece of music, exploring how to give your sling practice that "something else" - moving from executing skills to really dancing with the apparatus! Over the three weeks, we will learn a movement phrase including a combination of technical vocabulary and intriguing transitions, all while exploring the ins and outs of clean lines, musicality, dynamic, and expression, finishing with a polished piece of choreography that includes fun new skills to play with. Let's dance!

Pre-requisites: This class is appropriate for those with a current sling practice of at least a year or at least two years of another apparatus, who are comfortable repeating vocabulary and staying in the air for 3-5 minutes.

About the instructor: A dancer from age three, Mandy slid sideways from the world of contemporary postmodern dance into the world of circus. She began her aerial journey doing guerrilla acrobatic dance in and around trees, and has since expanded her climbing to rope, fabric, lyra, and sling.

Mandy has performed and taught aerial arts, contemporary dance, and composition nationally and internationally, from Denver to Atlanta to New York to the Kennedy Center in D.C to Gujarat, India. She has performed with a broad spectrum of companies including Frequent Flyers, Control Group Productions, Upsidown Productions, Sinecdoche Dance, Mike Kelley, and others. She is currently on-staff coaching aerial technique and fitness with Frequent Flyers of Colorado, where she coaches beginners all the way through students in their Professional Training Program with a passion for anatomical efficiency and finding windows to individual expression.

Mandy is also a professor of experiential anatomy for movement artists at MSU Denver and a certified Personal Trainer.

"Aerial acrobatics are mentally engaging, creatively freeing, and a fantastic way to trick yourself into going to the gym every week! On top of that, the whole Esh community is incredibly supportive and inspiring. I recommend Esh to people of all ages, backgrounds, and body types with no hesitation."
         ~Elizabeth B., Yelp review
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